You're Sam Aron, the legendary bounty hunter. You wake up in a cave and need to escape before the time bomb goes off. The time bomb is set off to explode in 10 minutes. You need to get all of your upgrades back and escape the cave.

Left/right arrow - move
X - jump
Z - shoot
C - switch weapons

Programming, music and level design by adrian09_01
Graphics by Valor
Made in 48h for the GM48 jam. Theme: Countdown

~GM48 link~



Time Bomb Set.zip 3 MB
Source code 1 MB


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Very nice, apart from some of the lighting effects, it looks and sounds convincingly old school. Difficulty is old school too, at least you need some respawns to learn the tricks of some new places. The slow browser version actually helps a beginner, since you have more time to react, although otherwise it makes the game less exciting.

I'd like to invite this game (and/or maybe some other games you have made recently) to our Game Development World Championship!