The year is 2050. You're the last miner not yet replaced by robots. You know that there's a hidden treasure in the cave you're exploring, but the cave is dangerous and everything wants to kill you. That's why scientists invented robots. Get the treasure and prove them you're not worthless, so they destroy all the robots and hire real miners.


Left/right arrow - move

X - jump

Z - use pickaxe

Down+Z - attack downwards

Up+Z - attack upwards

~Special moves~

Hitting the pickaxe against the wall makes you walljump. Hitting the pickaxe against the ceiling or the floor cancels the walljump. Hitting the pickaxe against the floor makes you jump higher.


Programming, music and level design by adrian09_01

Graphics by matharoo

Made in 48h for the GM48 jam. Theme: One Tool, Many Uses

~Jam disclaimer~

The engine is based on this tutorial from Shaun Spalding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IysShLIaosk

The HTML5 build is meant to be played on devices with a keyboard.


Windows EXE 2 MB
Source code 2 MB

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