New title screen, NPCs, controls remapping

Finally made a new, beautifully animated title screen to replace the old static one.

Also added Catlol NPCs. Every Catlol is using the same sprite. Gender of the Catlol only affects the clothes overlay he/she will wear. Everything is palette swapped to save precious space. Catlols can equip various clothes and headwear.

You can remap controls now, but only from code - the options menu hasn't been coded yet.

A small change regarding textboxes and stage intro boxes has been done. They don't "pop up" like before, they appear and disappear slowly now, making for a nice visual effect.

Stay tuned for a new demo. Coming Soon™.

Full list of changes:

  • New NPC object
  • New sprites for Catlols, clothes and hard hat headwear
  • New background for the Title Screen and the Outer Wall
  • Added key codes instead of hardcoding controls - controls remapping menu will be added soon
  • Title screen is now animated.
  • Textboxes and Stage Intro Boxes now appear and disappear slowly

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