Inertia + new wall jumping mechanic

I added inertia to the player's horizontal movement so it doesn't feel as stiff as it did before.
The new movement uses subpixels. While holding an arrow, 2 subpixels are added. 16 subpixels make the character go in the desired direction. 
The inertia was also added to make place for the new Wall Jump mechanic. You can now jump off the walls with the jump strength of 1/2 of your typical jump. It also pushes you 2 blocks from the wall.
Also added Ninja Gaiden-style climbing instead of using the borked Mountains of Demise climbing mechanic.

Full list of changes:

  • Added inertia to horizontal movement
  • Added wall-jumping
  • Climbing mechanic changed to be more like Ninja Gaiden (NES) - hopefully also much simpler to grasp

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