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You are Iris. In front of you, your sworn arch-enemy, The Fallen Angel.
Beat her up in a battle to the death. Either she dies, or you die.

Game controls:
- Up arrow moves Iris forwards.
- Down arrow moves Iris backwards.
- Left and right arrows change Iris's direction.
- A and D keys strafe.
- X shoots red magic shots of death.

Game tips:
- Try to be as far as possible from the Fallen Angel. When she attacks, it might hurt.
- Your hitbox is smaller than your actual character. Use this to your advantage.
- Barely avoid bullets to raise your graze level. Higher graze level means a higher score per hit, and a higher multiplier after killing the Fallen Angel.

- Original game by chuchino/sylvie/@sylviefluff
- Remake by adrian09_01
- Music: Ys I & II - To Make The End of Battle - MIDI by an anonymous vgmusic.com submitter
- Sounds generated in SFXR, some sounds taken from the original game
- New graphics by adrian09_01, some graphics taken from the original game

(♥) 2019 Adrian Makes Games. No rights reserved. Based on a game by @sylviefluff.


Windows *.exe 3 MB

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