Alpha Strike Deluxe is a shoot-em-up in the classic NES style. Shoot your way through 5 levels, destroy everything that moves and save the world from danger. It's a remake of my 2016 game Alpha Strike (available in the Adrian Makes Games Collection), now with better code, silky smooth 60FPS and swanky graphical effects!


- no more grid! Every object in the game moves smoothly and isn't bound to the grid now!
- separate scores and lives for both players!
- graphical improvements! New sprites for all enemies, some terrain sprites, and swanky graphical effects like trails and explosions! No more 8x8 explosions and tiny spaceship trails!
- balance fixes! The difficulty curve is now smoother and the game is a bit easier (but not too easy!)
- that new-fangled fancy 60FPS thing you apparently wanted! Back in the 90s, everyone was happy with 30FPS and no one complained!


Pico-8 D-Pad/arrow keys - move ship
Pico-8 (X) button/X key - shoot bullets


Every 10000 points net you an extra life.
Collect powerups to enhance your weapon.
When you die, you lose your weapon.
When you get a game over, you can use one of the two continues you have.


- initial public release


(CC) 2019 Adrian Makes Games. Crafted with love (and Pico-8) in Poland. Music by @Gruber_Music, @Synth_dfr, @Viggles, @Robby_Duguay and @adrian09_01.


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